Friday, May 26, 2006

top things I will miss and not miss about Peru

Miss: friends and co workers
Not miss: garua (fog in Lima)
Miss: salsa music on public transportation
Not miss: catcalls
Miss: native animal topiary
Not miss: the sand and dust in arequipa
Miss: lucuma
Not miss: gastrointestinal illness
Miss: flowering trees
Not Miss: text message conversations
Miss: pelicans on the malecon in Chorrillos
Not Miss: Lima traffic
Miss: 73 bus
Miss: Misti volcano

Leaving tomorrow at 8pm.
Didn't finish, but will at home.
Very nice last dinner with Bob and a the other leaving students.

Looking forward to : my dad picking me up, seeing my family and friends, salad, and east marion


Anonymous Jerry Esterheld said...

Anne, it's been an amazing year --- what a tremendous experience! If you get to D.C., it'd be great to meet up with you and Mike somewhere, and share! ... Jerry

9:39 PM  
Blogger AMJG said...

Hi Jerry - Thanks for the continued interest in and enthusiasm for what I'm up to! Always nice to know someone's checkinging in. If I'm down in DC at all this summer, it'll be mid July.
I'll be in touch!

1:31 PM  

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